Button Remapping

I'm not sure which update changed the way button remapping worked but before I had multiple inputs setup to my R2 guard and stance mode. But, now it only allows my put one input in at each slot. The default has multiple inputs on the same button but a custom one cant? I've been using the custom layout since around when the game launched now I can't get it back.


  • Hello tatsujay,

    We have added new remapping options in the 1.16 update and fixed some bugs in 1.17 update. The last update is 1.18, if you experience any issues with remapping options for your controller, please email to support_pc@sloclap.com (for PC) or support_ps4@sloclap.com (for PS4). Please include as much detail as possible for more in-depth assistance. It might be beneficial to send screenshots and information what steps you've already taken to fix this on your own so that the team can investigate more efficiently.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and please accept my apologies for the trouble this problem is causing you.
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