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Hello SLCP!

1- some hits hit behind the player.

2- emote sprint attack.

3- feint recovery, so the perosn was in a combo and was about to feint but my shockwave got inbetwen that but the feint still registered and returned her to normal.

4- Fashion textures not rending at times.

5- school UI is.... just broken.

took 3 days for it to realise i had 2 diciples

6- picking up a weapon right before death may equal this

7- putting away a weapon while about to die can leave your movement commands locked for some weird reason. like that other instance i reported with the parrying a parry move. you just stand there yelling WTF :)

slow motion of the key moment.

8- breaking a weapon in combo may leave you doing a post break empty handed weaon deck hit before the game notices whats up.

9- revive bug still happens post 1.18

10- some weapons fall trough the map if dropped.

11- in 3v3 after a win or loose when you get to the score board you may get a black screen or be unable to press continue.

12- weird lag where everyones helth dissapeard for a second then everyone "entered the trial"

13- OH and the invincibility bug. video evidence provided by a buddy.

14- also im tempted to report THE mother of game breaking bugs here, but i think BestPlebeu already reported it to you guys so i wont post it so people dont start doing it.

thats that for now also please note that many many of the bugs on my other posts are still active.

Good Luck. love you guys.


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    Hey THDante,

    Thank you for bringing this up! I will be passing this report along for further investigation.

    Thanks again for your continued support. :smile:
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