Forsaken Rework

Considering a bit of time has passed since my previous suggestion, I'd like to put forth my idea to make Forsaken more interesting to fight with and against. The way Forsaken's punish game currently works is by far the most dull, and least counterable of all the styles. The main reason for this is that the confirms Forsaken's parry gives are static, and lack counterplay after the parry's success. There's no reason to use a slower attack than 16 frames of startup, due to the fact that they can just be blocked right after the stun wears of. There's also nothing the player on the receiving end can do to mitigate damage after getting defensived, unlike the other styles.

To solve both these issues you only need to do a couple things.

Allow Defensives and manual dodge during Parry stun, but increase the recovery frames on both drastically if they miss.

This allows for counterplay on the victims behalf. If the Forsaken is too predictable, their punish can be avoided entirely. However, this is not a nerf by any stretch of the imagination. The higher recovery time on a missed Defensive or manual dodge during the stun will allow for bigger punishes. This succeeds in giving the victim a way out of taking damage, but at the cost of risking taking a bigger punish. This also spices up the Forsaken's post parry gameplay by giving them a reason to feint, delay, or use a slower attack after parrying.

I believe this would make Forsaken more interesting to play, and solve most of the issues people tend to have with fighting Forsaken. The same mechanics should be applied to the Earthquake and Gravity abilities, for the same reasons.


  • Hello Velindian,

    Thank you for your suggestions about rework of Forsaken and changes to Earthquake and Gravity abilities. The provided explanation is very valuable to us, but we can't promise that we will make requested changes. Thanks for sharing your ideas and aspiration to make the game more balanced and exciting. We'll be glad to hear any new ideas and thoughts from you in the future.
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    Would like to add that Stagger would auto feint into a fumbling state with the increased recovery, and forward stagger would be disabled on account of it technically being an attack. If an avoided attack registers, the stagger defensive would play normally, with the stagger player able to feint it into regular recovery if they so wish.
  • oh so this was a thinly veiled lets nerf forsaken and make stagger, the only style not susceptible to feints stronger
  • R3kk3N said:

    oh so this was a thinly veiled lets nerf forsaken and make stagger, the only style not susceptible to feints stronger

    It's not a nerf to Forsaken. It allows for the potential of stronger punishes, in exchange for being counterable. Also, it doesn't effect Stagger at all. I only explained how Stagger would interact with it considering the irregularity of its defensive.
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