Idea for a Pressure Point Style

So this is a post i made over in the absolver subreddit, but its really hard to keep those guys focused on one thing for too long so im posting it here as well...

the execution of the style would work like windfall but in reverse, if your opponent attacks high you move the stick up, if they attack low you move the stick down, and the sides can work like forsaken.

animation-wise im thinking some quick fancy block, and a two finger tap to the head

mechanically a successful "parry" will start a modest shard drain that stacks with every additional "parry", and i dont know reset the neutral maybe?

my fellow nerds can work out the rest: like how much of a drain, and for how long? is it pulse or minuses on...whatever.

i just want a reliable counter to shockwave and earthquake that isn't shockwave or earthquake.

also in the comments i made the suggestion of:

If you take out the parry aspect and just make it four directional avoid attacks, that could be pretty cool. Gold-linking into pressure points.

this is just a really cool idea that i had and i wanted to share with the community.
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