Absolver 1.18 Update is live!

Hi everybody,

As announced in our Production Update a few days ago, the 1.18 Patch has been deployed for all players today. This update focuses on tentative changes and improvements for the overall online architecture.

We will be monitoring player feedback following this update, focusing on the online experience. Do not hesitate to reach us by email at support_online@sloclap.com with your feedback and Steam ID!

All the best,
Sloclap team


1.18 Patch Notes

- Fixed an issue where new Gear from the Ripa Warrior and Forest Dancer sets couldn’t be obtained by the player
- A new Version of Easy Anti cheat has been integrated
- Changed the way the matchmaking works: ping between players is now better taken into account
- Set up a better way of handling ping’s abrupt changes
- Fixed some teleport issue due to lag
- Other various bug fixes related to online


  • My first thoughts to the update:
    I found players with very good connection to me and therefore i had some really nice fights but it seems i encounter
    the same 4-5 players all the time. I guess there are no other players with good connection to me but to fight some others i really would like an option where you can tune the maximum delay of opponents you want to encounter.

    Also i fear the patch doesnt work that good for everyone. I live in Berlin so there are alot of people living close to me, but if someone has less population in their area they might search really long but get laggy opponents anyway.

    But enough criticism. I invited a friend and played with him an although we had a delay to each other, we couldnt feel that someone got an advantage from it. And thats GREAT.
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