Things I’d like to see in Mines of Adal

With a new dlc announced, this brings up many hopes and dreams of what might come to the massive potential of a game, absolver. I’ve been thinking over on what I want the game to be and with the fan base screaming of how much content the game lacks, I personally just want a simple to play but hard to master game that i won’t be too pressured to play on a daily basis. If the new dlc comes out this year, I want it to be enough to get players coming back and new players to stick around.

So here are my suggestions of what I want in absolver.

{PVE horde mode} A story is nice but can make the game finite. I’d rather have 3v3 sized maps with waves of enemies that you have to defend from certain points or completing small objectives much like Mass effect 3. Would love to see special units with weapons or even bosses at the end of each wave.

{Bounty objectives} I feel like that it’s a bit tedicious to get shards by salavging gear. Maybe daily objectives would be better like defeating bosses, preforming a certain amount of parrys, or winning a certain amount matches to get more shards.

{Weapon Diversity} So far there’s only fist weapons and swords. I would love to see, Staffs, Daggers, Two handed swords, Axes, and many other melee weapons.

{Difficulty setting} Playing the pve currently even by myself isn’t too challenging but if i hope to play the game with friends I would like them to feel challenged as well. I wish there was a hard mode with more of the harder enemies when im playing with friends.

{More fighting styles} I just want more fighting styles but i wouldn’t know what the special ability would be. Maybe a throwing ability but wouldn’t know how that would work given how the game plays. Im just hoping for more moves for my deck and abilities to be used. Or maybe just modified versions of the current styles with slower or faster parry, absorb, and dodge but with different stances. (spit balling here)


{2V2 PVP} Same concept as 1v1 even the same maps {thought most of the 1v1 maps were way too big anyways} just spread out spawning locations.

{More 3v3} When the 3v3 mode isn’t lagging so much, I’d like to see a elimination mode and escort a payload mode.

{Free for all} A 6 player brawl out would be chaotic yet fun to play.

{Region free} Not sure if it’s the case or not but maybe opening up the servers to play across regions or platforms would be a nice change of seeing the same faces over again.


{Patience} Tbh there is no rush. I’m not expecting people to flood the game even if the dlc was all that i’ve been hoping for only because not that many people know of the game. It would be a dream to see more people play but unless it was free on psn plus or something, the only people are going to be excited about the Mines of Adal dlc are the core fanbase that’s already playing. I just want it to be good no matter how long it takes.


  • Hey NationwideBoxing,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll pass these along to the rest of the team. While I can't promise any of it will make it into the game, we do want to make sure we review all player feedback and suggestions to stay focused on adding/change things to the game that the community wants.

    Thank you once again for your support & patience!
  • With the mines of adal Update it would be obvious to put a dungeon Theme in there, like a raid dungeon Which randomly generates to give players more variety. Maybe with some treasure and a boss if You like The idea of an instanced gameplay.

    I dont know if sloclap wants to go this way or lets The game be open World but Maybe You Can establish this and get more content with less Work to get players excited.
  • First of all thanks for adding something else to do in Absolver. Love the feel of this game and can;t wait for this to come out. Though I was wondering if there was a way too add for the mines to add to your combat trial level or have another rank to act as a alternative way to get to fight the bosses again (and unlocks tied to combat trail levels so you can play and earn things in an alternative manner due to the population of this game being low and pvp being void and not very interesting to some).
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