Rift Disk Improvements, More uses for Fragments

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As more gear is added, more fills the loot tables.
I'm not sure if there's some back end system for duplicates but if there isn't or it's not effective. A potential solution for player choice in a randomized gamble of what they get from Disks is potentially splitting them up into colored disks. Possibly keeping the original and having the colored at 4-5 crystals while the original is at 3.
For Example
Green Rift Disk - [Forest Shaman, Caller, Dancer, etc]

Another potential solution or addition is the ability to turn fragments into crystals after becoming a Bronze(so you don't get crystals prior for consistency sake). I'm surprised this wasn't done with the system already. I'm sitting on a lot of fragments with nothing really to spend them on as certain masks require Combat Trial levels so my fragment supply by then will just be even larger.


  • Potentially a higher cost Disk that drops only Masks. 5-8 crystals.
  • Hi SHOKK,

    Thanks for your suggestions about colored Rift Disks for specific equipment and ability to turn fragments into crystals. That sounds interesting, but we can't promise that it will be implemented in the game. We are opened to your suggestions and keep them in mind while working on future updates, so do not hesitate to send us your new ideas and thoughts.
  • I think everything costs too much as it is.. you literally have to win alot to get any good stuff and some people dont have a controller under their pillows like some of these other guys.. essence shop is ridiculously over-priced.. and essence gain is super slow
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