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Recently, I downloaded absolver and I swear, I've never been more hooked on a game. I often catch myself pondering what could be for this game. Here are some ideas i have regarding "Absolver 2" that may have already been shared at some point or another, assuming that happens.

I hope, in the future, we see a much more expansive open world. In this world, it would be great to have various towns and cities and ruins like other open world games, but I also hope for the world to be littered with humanoid mobs. I believe this game would lend itself well to certain mmo pieces as long as what currently makes this game great remains. In my opinion, the combat is perfect and unique. Absolver did a great job with allowing for a simple yet engaging combat experience and there is nothing I would change about that other than possibly adding in new styles, moves, schools, and traditional melee weapons such as a staff, spears, fans, etc.

One other positive thing would be shops and crafting in the future as long as its limited. It would be helpful to be able to improve looted gear or even gather and craft gear based on schools and styles. For example: Windfall crafting could include light armor options that help give greater mobility and burst. Even still, as it currently is, you can use windfall style and wear a heavy armor type of your individual build requires it.

This is just some brainstorming I've done over the past few days and I'm very excited to see what this game will become. I've grown very discontent with the game industry as a whole over the past several years and this is the first time I can say I'm genuinely excited about a game that I'm playing since The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

What are your thoughts? Would you like there to be an Absolver 2 where they are building a great civilization around this way of life and as such include crafting, questing, new combat styles/schools, and a beautiful open world to explore and become immersed in? Possibly even 15v15 battleground style events with resource nodes that have to be defended and taken in a match (similar to world of warcraft pvp modes minus the ranged attacks)? I'd like to hear your opinions and what you hope to see in both absolver and hopefully a currently imaginary second game on a larger scale.

PS: I also really appreciate the community I tend to encounter on PS4. Pvp does happen, and you do have your occasional troll player, but in my experience, when pvp happens and you are defeated the person picks you up, bows respectfully, and no one walks away feeling irritated and can still enjoy the game. I would like to congratulate the community thus far in creating a respectful, laid back culture where most games allowing world pvp trend towards the side of annoyance and grief. From a player who occasionally gets mollywhopped, thank you.


  • Hello Umbrabyss,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate that you share your thoughts and your game experience. I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Please continue to do that; we need your feedback.

    Thanks again for your support! :smile:
  • One thing you guys may consider looking at currently is the emerging prevalence of naked characters spamming elbows and jabs. In those matches, using the stutter style, I often find that I cant even get in a dodge before I'm hit with another spammed quick attack over and over again. One suggestion on how to keep combat organic instead of people relying on cheap tactics is having diminishing returns on moves. If I character spams a move 3 times, they take a reduction in damage and speed. Something to that effect. Kind of annoying to get hit with 6 elbows in a row.
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    There's a lot of tools to deal with high pressure speed decks. Keep your block up and let them run out stamina, or wait for them to throw a slow guard break if they see you blocking all the quick attacks.

    Both jabs and elbows are high, and can either be side-stepped or ducked if you're windfall, or parried or absorbed. If you're using the manual dodge to get out of pressure, then you're playing a losing game, stamina-wise. You could also put in a high avoid and punish them every time for initiating with a jab. I just avoid left or right -- it always sets up my own counters.

    The speed / spam thing is only an issue when you play their game, drop your guard, and walk into the attacks.
  • Thanks for the "insight" insight. I agree, I'm probably pretty novice when it comes to the pvp side of the game. I more or less do it to advance the trial stages. My preference is more on the lines of battleground/world pvp.

    World pvp has been very enjoyable for me so far because most seem to conduct it in a respectful manner and I encounter less speed decks and more people enjoying the game for the games sake instead of competitively min/maxing. I'm not that type of player. I appreciate how most people will, if they win, pick you back up after the fight and that's that. No harm, no foul.

    1v1 seems to get the occasional troll. The guy that runs around, jabs you 50 times, runs around some more, plays ring around the rosie with a tree, etc. The world pvp though is one reason why I'd love to eventually see a much larger world.

    Regardless, the game does currently have something for everyone and I look forward to seeing it expanded in the future. The reasoning behind my mentioning of speed decks is actually due in part to researching a strategy for them and finding a plethora of complaints. Maybe a bit of diminishing returns wouldn't be a terrible idea? Or maybe even a higher stamina drain?

    I dont want to limit anyone, and I think speed is a legitimate way to build your combat style. I'm just a bit concerned about when something becomes a "meta" in pvp. Eventually that results in players who want to use different styles quitting because they are no longer competitive or because they couldn't beat them and joined them and no combat is just repetitive and flavorless. Weve all seen that happen in world of warcraft multiple times and then the subsequent exodus of hundreds of thousands of players. Ultimately, all I want to see is this game succeed and become a household name for years to come. I believe it has such massive potential.

    Sorry, wall of text. What can I say? I'm a wordy guy.
  • The 1v1 PVP is probably the best combat system I've seen when you get it down. And with the recent updates, there really isn't a meta -- things are shuffled up pretty good. There are speed decks that are designed to lock you down, and it can be irritating before you learn how to defend them, but don't worry about it. Try going into CT's with the mindset that you aren't fighting the person, but the moves in their deck. Then, pick a specific move in their deck and learn how to defend against it. So that move, whenever you see it, is something you can defend against and / or punish, every time. Then, PVP will be a lot more fun -- if you go in competing only with your self and with the idea of getting better, regardless of who wins or loses.

    And if someone runs around in circles and acts like an idiot, then give them a bow and quit the match. It's no fun to troll without an audience.
  • A great addition to the combat deck page would be the option to test your decks against hostile bots. This would give the players an idea of how their deck flows versus an opponent that hits back. Perhaps give an option to spar with not only one, but two or three bots as well, and perhaps make their style, and difficulty adjustable.
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