Bugz : P

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hey guys just a couple more bugz and or new examples of older ones.

1. even after you break a weapon in pve you can go in the menu and equip another one and summon it.

2. failed 1v1 queue results, seems conection to server cut for a second after and went back up but launch was greyed out.

3. the old bug where you enter a game as a rag doll. but will join once the respawn timer finished. happened again though this time no mask and no respawm timer. had to leave.

4. even in seamlessly low lag some attacks just skip their entire animation some times.

5. i finaly was at the end of the rainbow so to speak for the animation stretching.

6. the revive bug where i showed in my last post that its possible for them to regain full control. Well some people are going around ghost grabing points.

7. for some weird reason depending on positioning, late or early input of a gold link seems to grant extra range on some attacks.

8. interupting revive is geting near impossible.

9. honestly this isint a bug but it might as well be, exhaust and gravity combined on med to heavy gear is devastating on stamina.

note after a guard break stamina goes up faster and even considering that its slow as heck.

another of many many reasons why heavy gear is discouraged.

10. finally, back stagger is just dodgeing things it shouldnt

We looked at all of these in video form and all of them the weapon just goes trough her chest/head/legs

feels bad for both sides.

keep up the good work! : D


  • Hey THDante,

    Thank you very much for bringing this to us! Your additional information will really help us a lot. I'll be passing this report along for further review, and while I can't promise a direct response from team. I'll make sure that it's brought to their attention.

    Thanks again for your continued support, and please accept my apologies for the trouble it has caused!

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