More advantages for using armour.

Hi Sloclap just wanted to say im a huge fan of absolver and support you guys no matter what. I recently tried a heavy duty build using the river gladius and some heavy armour. I was kinda expecting a slow brute that could tire easily but had serious stopping power but I noticed that with more armour your damage does down. While I can understand to an extent more clothes meaning the force of your hits could be reduced I feel that if you got a small damage boost rather than a hindrence it could open up a heavy style of play that could be a fun extra thing for players. I’ve tried it and it is fun though the learning curve of reduced stamina regen is very noticeable it’s a fun challenge to get around. It just doesn’t seem worth it since your damage takes a drop and the protection just isn’t worth it at that speed. Just wonder your thoughts.


  • Scratch that the protection is not worth it at all just took almost exactly the same amount of damage using that outfit and this one
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    yea being heavy armor is very bad right now. they need to make it viable withouth encouraging turtleing.
  • I've noticed this too, and started using fast mobility instead of normal for stamina recovery and dodge distance.
    Hopefully this changes
  • It's worth noting that your second outfit only 1 Cut defense versus 78 on the first one. Did you trial the outfit against a bladed weapon? As for the defense boost, I agree, it could be increased. As for suggesting mechanics, I think heavier armor should allow the player to absorb more damage prior to being interrupted/staggered. That way you could muscle through weak attacks in order to land heavier ones (counter for the fast spam). As for damage, I think some attacks could benefit from being light (already exists) but others could benefit from being heavy; like maybe the leg-breaker scales with leg armor or something. Or if we're REALLY being fancy, lighter = faster, heavy = more damage. That would be an easy way to create TONS of attack variety. Heavy gloves throwing a slow, but high damage Jab vs light gloves throwing a fast, but light damage jab.
  • the only problem with that unc is that if you take armor youre going to be a snail no matter how hard you hit..
    honestly armor should be an aesthetic only elsewise they would totally have to rework everything. Certainly not worth the time to rework each individual piece of armor or clothing. tbt hand to hand fighting in armor is not really smart.. however fighting with swords with scraps of cloth on isnt all that brainy either and since you cannot just stick to having a sword instead of being barehanded its going to be like this
  • I think armor is more central to this game than people appreciate; armor is carrying the game in my opinion, outside of grinding out gems to unlock cool armor, what else is there to do? Also, balancing weight and resistances while maintaining a dope looking character is like 90% of the fun for me. Making it purely aesthetic will greatly discourage item collection, thus destroy replay-ability. If anything, the creators should realize that all their fans are disgusting hoarders and lean into that element of the game; give items an even GREATER impact on combat and absolutely flood the game with more miscellaneous shit: tons of clothes, tons of weapons, tons of attacks, etc. That's the bread and butter right there!
  • i prefer to wear super light clothing
    i dont care one way or another... i havent noticed a real difference between going all armor and not.. i pretty much die the same to the same things
  • iiiiiiiii messured the actual advantages/disadvantages of armor with a friend xD
    and im confident to say it already has a decent impact.

    to sum it up: you get 0.3% less average damage with each kg
    and you get 0,4% more life for each armor point. the maximum armor/kg is bout 6
    so you can get 2%-2,4% more life for each ß,3% damage you lose
    BUT: with each movement category (fast/normal/slow) your stamina regeneration will decrease by about
    Concl.: as long as you stay in the movement category and use it till its full extend, your armor will be quite nice.
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