Whats your style?

I mostly play Kahlt at the time. But i also tried windfall and forsaken. I can't really decide which style is best and i know there is no best. This is the fun. So I want to know what is your favorite style. What is your most hated and what do you mean are the pros and cons of the styles and how to get the best build for them.

Like I said, at the moment I prefer Kahlt for its brutal damage output and the tanki absorb skill. The con is that I end up as a slow pace with my moves. But the feeling when a hit lands is very satisfying.


  • Hi!
    I play Forsaken, and to be honest, it's m'y favorite way to fight. I mastered a long time ago (i'm playing since day one) the four styles, but Forsaken it's for me a big challenge because of the little window to block your opponent. And punish is so Big lol. There is no style that i hate, but only the guys who feint. I have some issues against them, and i lose most of Time lol against this kind of player, fortunately they are not a lot
  • Hiho
    Im a Stagger main. I played forsaken and windfall too... even khalt a bit but i dont like to play khalt at all. Its not like i hate Forsaken but its the style i have the biggest problems against.
    For me stagger is by far the best because it provides so many options both in attack and defense situations. The stamina runs out like a hand full of water but it has enough upsides imo
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    Windfall -- when it's used right you watch your opponent run out of stamina, and you get an amazing looking avoid that sets up power hits and combos that is beautiful to watch. When not timed right, you look like you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag.
  • Khalt and Forsaken. Mostly I just like their stances; they look like they mean serious ass-kicking business. Plus I find their abilities most in line with my play-style, all hands boxing. The other styles just seem flimsy; that said, I love the Avoid animations, they really do look badass in a flight, but the Windfall's waiting stance is too Wing-Chun / Kung Fu looking for me - bullshido
  • Forsaken, it's the Balanced style. And the hardest to master it's defensive abilities. I'm an idiot, I like a challenge I can't win.
  • Actually Windfall is more like buguazhang the martial arts that the air benders from avatar used
  • I'm most comfortable with forsaken for sure. The only style I don't really enjoy too much is stagger. Specifically I'm referring to the defensive abilities.

    As for the different moves it's too hard to say. There is a certain satisfaction to landing those heavy khalt punches. I like windfall and forsaken a lot more for openers than I do khalt. Stagger easily has the best mix-up moves though I feel.

    Hard to choose which stance I like the most. I guess it just depends on my mood.

    Forsaken and windfall have the best intros though.
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