Ideas I've been thinking of

So I love Absolver, and these are some of the ideas I’ve had for things that I think would be interesting to see in the game:

Below are some ideas for world spaces I think would add an interesting depth to the city of Raslan:
The Essence Mine (connected to the map through that giant wooden door at the bottom of the essence reserves): We saw the Reserves but not the mine itself. I imagine it similar to how it looks in the artbook, with bridges made of both stone and wood leading to different tunnels and mineshafts with exposed essence veins running throughout the rock.
An Estate of A Fang Li Noble (Connected to the world through one of the doors near the bottom of the Imperial Quarter): A rich palace of gold and silver, this once sprawling palace built nearly at the top of the tower of Raslan showed the extravagant wealth of those who were once part of the Fang Li nobility both in design and furnishings. (I imagined it filled with gold furniture and rich looking paintings all damaged by the collapse. A lot of Fang Li looking enemies would fill the area too, as there would most likely be an abundance of their clothes.)
Oratian Farm (Connected to the world through the Hunting Grounds through a new cave entrance, and connected to the Oractian Quarter through a narrow passage, maybe?): In between the Oration Quarter and the hunting grounds a small Oration farm lays abandoned since the Collapse. Overgrown crops and collapsed housing shows signs that the farm was once bountiful but now is infested by Lost prospects.
Raslan Marketplace (Connected to the world through one of the collapsed roads of the city that's near the essence gate that leads to the reserves?): An area once filled with the trade of golden coins for rich resources including Essence, the marketplace is filled with tents, stalls, and booths that once was filled with the bustle of merchants that peddled their wares, but after the collapse, the merchants may have fled but their once sought after wares remain. (I imagine a lot of stalls would have small amounts of miscellaneous items, such as jewelry and essence shards, decorating the area. It would feel really cramped but aren’t all marketplaces in busy cities.)

New Places outside of Raslan:
Tearian forests: A dense thick forest, signs of the Tearian culture litter the landscape from carved wooden sculptures of birds that are found in the Columbary, to the ruins of large wooden homes that resemble those of the bird callers outpost. This area once showed the great magnificent glory of what it means to be considered part of a Tearian Tribe.
Lake Ripa (Who wouldn’t want to fight in a desert): Everywhere in the Adal Empire was destroyed. Even Lake Ripa, and as a nation that once served the Adal it would be interesting to see how the culture of the Ripans adapted after the Collapse of the Adalian Empire. (I kind of always imagined it as a lake with large buildings designed like the oratian quarter surrounding it. After the collapse, the lake was drained and those that remained in the cities surrounding the Lake Ripa had died due to dehydration.
Towerpoint: The home of the Absolvers. It would make sense that as an Absolver we should be able to return to towerpoint, with the idea of something along the lines that lost prospects are in the area after they were given their masks and weren't sent to Raslan. (Also maybe some snowy areas surrounding the area given that Towerpoint is in the northern Mountains of the Ruins of Adal?) (We can get to towerpoint through an essence portal that is in Guidance Bridge maybe? It would make sense given that Guidance bridge is the only safe place in Raslan in which lost prospects aren’t located.)

Changes to existing world spaces:
Plains of Adal: Even though it is the starting area of the game, it would be a lie to say it wasn't an interesting place. I feel like once we complete the prologue and venture to the Guidance Bridge we should be allowed to return, though the place features higher level enemies than those that were in the prologue and possibly even some of Talem’s Cairns.
Imperial Quarters: Enemies, this area really needs the feeling that there really are lost prospects in the city and an entirely empty world space doesn’t give that feeling, even though I can imagine have some very amazing fights with enemies in the area.

New Essence Abilities:
Toxin-Three Shard Cost: Coats your body with a toxic poison derived from essence, once you hit the enemy they are poisoned for ten seconds losing 2% of their health every second (I just made that percentage up, it should be changed for either nerfing or buffing reasons), though if you cast the ability and are hit before you can apply it to the enemy, you lose the ability and must redo it, shards are not refunded if hit. (it should have a slow charge up) (I imagine the animation being the prospect holding their hands forward and clenching their hands in a fist, once finished casting a green aura that looks similar to the healing aura appears on their fists or sword)
Lightweight-Two Shard Cost: Essence can allow anything to become light under the right incantations, and with this ability, your movement is increased exponentially. Allowing the user to move as if they had 30 movement. Lasts ten seconds. (those that have 30 movement would receive no buff) (Animation looks something like the shield ability maybe?)
Pull-One Shard Cost: While targeting an enemy, this ability pulls them close to you. (It would have a quick cast time) (animation is the prospect reaching out and rapidly pulling back)
Madness-Four Shard Cost: Targeting an enemy and causes them to become insane, making them attack anyone they see regardless of their alliance. (I realize this would mostly be a PvE based ability, but if brought into PvP, maybe it would make the combatant unable to use feints or their combat ability maybe?) (Animation is the Prospect grabbing the sides of their hair and dragging their hands down quickly as if they were mad)
Also As a new change, every three points put into will, grants you a new essence Shard to use, allowing you to have at most ten essence shards (Five for getting to level 60, five for having 15 will) Any more points in will after fifteen will only just increase the rate in which you generate tension.

New Combat stances (Understand I know nothing about Martial Arts):
Taw-Re Stance: Designed by Channelists in the Ruins of Karishi, this stance focuses on redirecting enemy movement in the opposite direction. (The special ability of this stance is known as redirection) (Based off real like Tai Chi fighting)
Redirection: grab the enemy before they attack and send them into the opposite combat stance they were standing in before they attack. (Example: if your opponent was attacking from the top right and you use redirection they would be sent to the bottom left.)
Top Right > Bottom Left
Top Left > Bottom Right
Bottom Left > Top Right
Bottom Right > Top Left
(Animation for the stance would be the prospect grabbing the combatant by the waist or something and simply turning them in the opposite direction)

Says I'm reaching character limit, continued in comment below


  • New School Mechanics:
    An NPC companion that would follow you in fights throughout the world that uses your schools combat deck.
    Their base outfit is a prospect outfit but you can change their gear. You can give them your spare gear you don't much use so you would have a reason for owning something like eleven Shabu Guard Jackets.
    Their Appearance will match yours but you can change them similar to how you can change your appearance but it doesn’t cost any crystals but instead costs shards maybe?
    Should you not be in a school they will use the deck and combat stance that you have by default and will use those move sets. You can talk to them and spar with them to learn your deck faster, or dismiss them back to Guidance bridge and wait for you to return.
    Should they die in a fight, either by a lost prospect or another player, they will be found back at guidance bridge near the stone Obelisk that records the kills of the marked ones and bosses.

    Appearance customization:
    Purple is a color we can dye our equipment
    Changing gear to its default customization doesn’t cost shards.

    Combat trial rank:
    Beating bosses (Risryn, Cargal & Kilnor, Kuretz) increases rank in combat trials (One point Maybe?)

    New Weapons:
    Staffs: This was featured in several promotional art images, and included in even some of the trailers for Absolver, so I think you are working on it. (Just so you know I think you underestimate my excitement to get hit in the face with a wooden stick, :D)
    Make the default Swords that are laying around the world capable of being used as a folded weapon.
    Make it so ruined war gloves are scattered around the world space so we can pick them up in the environment.

    Essense Shop:
    For generic swords decrease combat trials rank to 25, where golden versions stay at rank 50.
    For generic war gloves decrease combat trials rank to 20, where golden versions stay at rank 50.

    Absolver Forum ideas:
    increase character limit by 1229 characters

    If I have any more ideas I will post them down below, and for anyone else who has ideas or comments about my suggestions, I’d love to hear them.
  • Hi crulou,

    Thank you for your ideas about game and forum! We are impressed by your approach! It was interesting to read your thoughts about game improvements and additions. I'm passing along your ideas to the team. You know that we can't promise implementation of your suggestions in the game, but we'll consider them while working on the game further. You are welcome to send us any additional details and new ideas if you have any. Thanks for your passion for the game!
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