Here to blow minds with suggestions.

Hey guys, love this game. Just picked it up after a while away from it and had just two suggestions: One being an open server instance to occur from time to time, maybe even of different types at each area. These instances could be typically a rally of mobs to beat with a head honcho leading the pack. I think this draws on one of the games weaknesses as the areas are not super large and this would make that content exponentially more used.
Justify rewards accordingly ;)
My i.e. example for the unique occurrences per area was say a pirate ship is docked at the harbor where a bridge from the ship would spawn mobs; starts with a few and if there are people there to kill the first waves the the final wave could spawn a boss wave and complete the event.

Suggestion two: Idk how many people out there grind super hard at this game to ever reach a trials level of 3,000, but those are certainly steep milestones for me to beat, and I could spend up to six hours at a time... Maybe even three days in a row just playing the game (while not really super grinding as fast as and as hard as I can bc I get burnt)
The suggestion is simply adding a more balanced system to acquiring rare and sought after loot like weapons and gear that is like a thousand or two essence instead of 5-11 k per item. By all means only the best can afford to grind for top shelf loot in function AND in artistic design (love the absolver captain tunic art on point all day with this game, love you guys.) but having some not so awesome but cool and unique loot afforded for the middle grinders and even lower grinders... .... Maybe lol XD maybe lower grinders can deal with just normie drops lol,.. It'd be a huge deal to me I guess to see 3-5 1-2 k items in every category, and the respective numbers for 5 k and 10-11 k gear. (thought not to say there needs to be more items, but refashioned better versions of some more outfits would be awesome too but I know that's just even more on the silver platter of awesome that Absolver has been served on.)

So that's my piece. Ill always try to stay in touch hope this sounded cool :D


  • Hi Belgano,

    Thanks for both suggestions! We understand and appreciate your aspiration to make the game more interesting and have reasonable in-game time and chance to get rare equipment. I'm passing along your suggestions to the Team to have a look at them, but can't guarantee that they will be implemented in the game. We are more than happy to get your feedback and suggestions, so do not hesitate to write us any thoughts and ideas about the game.
  • Totally guys :) those were really big suggestions that would take a lot of time to make happen.
    A smaller suggestion (idk if it is technically a bug)
    Picking up items on PvE combat leaves the item on view until you press 'x' to confirm its pick up.
    I suggest making it fade away on its own after like 5-7 seconds.
    That way players don't have to stop focusing on combat bc they picked up an item.
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