Netcode Needs Interpolation For Player Movement

Too often an attack will be started and a player will move out of range slightly, but due to the way hits are registered they are hit when they've already moved out of range visually. The defending player is hit because they haven't yet moved far back enough on their opponents screen, but this cheats the defending players expectations. You can also actively walk into attacks without getting hit sometimes. Neither of which should happen if you want your game to feel consistent for either player. Any discrepancy in the underlying mechanics and the visuals of a game can make certain actions feel unfair or odd.

Introducing an interpolation algorithm that takes into account player acceleration, movement direction, and latency to determine where an opponent shows up on your screen would help minimize this issue. It would apply both ways so players on the offensive won't whiff through opponents in awe because they would already have been out of range on their screen. Solving some visual/mechanical inconsistency on both sides of a fight.


  • Hi Velindian,

    Thanks for the suggestion, especially one so insightful! We can definitely understand wanting hit detection to match what is displayed visually as closely as possible, and we'll definitely be passing your feedback. That being said, we can't guarantee this idea will be used, but we hope you'll continue to share and feedback or suggestions you may have in the future.
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