Custom Mask

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Idk why Im just now thinking of this.. but sometime later down the line I think you guys should implement creating our own mask into the game..


  • I feel what your saying like if you reach a certain level in game you can customize your own mask like you do your character like they give accessory options color options you name it maybe if your earn some like glowing aura or essences effect around would be cool
  • Oh Yea I saw the contest, that’s idea was great.. yoshi kinda had the idea I was going for.. maybe once your a certain prestige, you guys can give us a few customization Options for own prospect mask for in game purposes.. everyone would have completely customs ones once they earned.. there is nothing wrong at all with the masks we have currently just thought it would be a cool add on
  • Hi gamercrackk, y0shimitsunokai,

    Thanks for your suggestion! It sounds interesting, but we can't promise that it will be added to the game. Anyway, do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas as it helps us to understand your needs better!
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