Bug report Post 1.16

Hey Jess, Vanguard and everyone at Sloclap. Its time again for one of my HUGE bug post, I'm sorry and you're welcome (depending on if you feel annoyed or gratefull or both) :D

Well here goes.

1. First So much fashion clips trough other fashion and its worst on female characters. please take the time eventually when you dont have your hands to full to look at how each peice of gear interacts with one another on male and female characters.

2. Currently if you get a weapon from a disk or coin but already had a copy, you just don't get it. The inventory dosent seem to allow doubles so in short you lose the fragments you would of gotten from scraping your duplicate.

3. In the forgoten temple when at the altar there is this beep/toot sound every 5 second its not natural sounding at all and unpleaseant.

4. Some fashion peices wont seem to load thier full textures (depends on male of female) and some take a while to load.

5. Seeing people meditating while in meditation.

6. The revive bug is still here but its behaving slightly differently it leaves players frozen for a couple seconds before the usual effect occurs. Or the player gets up by magic with no one holding his hand.

7. The lighting is some times really bright with low shadow definition then it suddently changes.

8. Some far away shrubs and bushes and plant life looks like floating bed sheets in the wind or a 70's water bed.

9. Being at the altar may (rarely) flash, or skip the menu entierly when exiting meditation.

10. Some times essence shop weapons wont let you scroll from swords to gloves you have to "sort them by" any other way to have acess to them. In this giff when i scroll up and it stops i assure you im holding upwards

11. Oddly my gf has been telling me for a while that sometimes her charges get stoped by single hits and she finally saved me proof.

12. extremely rarely some players look like this.

13. This i dont know if its a hack but il put it here. I saw this player that was on a constant unstoppable heal effect.

14. Some attacks hit WAY to far. Its literally hitting me futher then the length of his limbs.

15. When leaving Queue for 3v3 you some times remain in queue while roaming the world ( funny how people want this but a bug can cause it )
If you try and quit you get the pvp quit options.

16. I've already provided enough examples of this one but the animation stretching is still a thing ad some times its even worst then before. It really lessens the expereience.

17.When entering a 3v3 game thats already begun You may spawn as a corpse.

18. When respawning in 3v3 you may respawn as a corpse.

20. the camera really really really needs to bee looked at. This just ain't nice.

21. When in the re-queue menu for 3v3 you can get hit by people apperently.

22. when a 3v3 match ends you may end up like this.

23. 3v3 can some times be a 4v2. Literally.

and finaly 24.

LAG. plus now it seems to like twirling the camera.

Hope they all get a fix soon. Keep up the good work sloclap.


  • Hello THDante,

    Thank you so much for bringing this to the community! I'll be able to bring this to the team to look into. While I can't guarantee a direct response, I'll make absolutely sure that it gets their attention.

    Thanks again for your support & patience! :)
  • As always my pleasure. :)
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