Too strong a nerf on heavy builds?

I hope I'm not the only one that noticed but the nerf on defense feels pretty extreme. I know a lot of the damage stats on a lot of moves got changed, but it definitely feels like defense is almost negligible now. I'm taking almost twice the amount of damage I was taking before. Personally, I felt the balance between light & heavy weights was perfect; lighter builds dealt more damage & had faster stamina regen whilst heavy builds had more defense to compensate. Is anyone else having a similar experience? Hoping this is something that is resolved soon.


  • sry but i feel much different about that :/ speedy attacks are still viable and overall it seems players use a greater variety of attacks now. ofc only my view
  • I must agree with @methamos
    It feels way more balanced. You can even take some light hits while your stamina regens, whitout taking too much damage.
  • i agree that we are taking more damage overall, but I also agree that the recent changes have resulted in more diverse deck builds in the community.
    I feel that this is a net positive result.
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