Let the bodies hit the floor

Salutation !
Don't worry there will be no Disturbed montages !

My suggestion is to let literally the bodies hit the floor, I mean, once you defeated someone, after the final blow, you see your foe stumble under your might.. Well I want to see it a little more. Imo, once an enemy is defeated his body disapears really quickly, and I would love to see him fall down to the ground and not just vanish mid-air

Just a minor visual suggestion, tell me what you think.


  • Might be cooler. Its just something I dont really put my attention on :/
    Dont know how others feel about it
  • One time I was struggling to deafeat a gold-link spammer and at the very last moment i managed to hit him with a side kick and his body just flew few feets away and at this moment i told myself "Good !" but also "I would love to see him hit the ground face first !" *sadistic laugh*
  • xD whatever you like. I can think of many that could like that too.
  • Hey Rogy,

    We understand your feelings and needs! We'll consider that but can't promise to add such visual change to the game. Hope you will continue to write your feedback and suggestions as they help us to keep making this game better.
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