Ankle sweeper™

Salutation !
Here is my build with some explanation down below

First of all let me explain one little thing. I play on pc with a mouse and a keyboard so I just abandoned the idea of parrying / kahlt / fancy dodging.

I'm using a lot of fast attacks but only to mix in heavy attacks with alternatives. My favourite combo is to start bottom right with back tripped kick and then follow with Jumped out elbow and spinning wide hook. Or you can do two sweeps then Side kick, elbow etc..

Tell me what you think !


  • Your deck seems really good to me. Alot of counter and engages to begin with. Enough overall speed and effective alternatives to break the guard.
    Id change the top left combo a bit because starting with the bad hitstun from wobble low kick into a heavy is risky imo. But ofc it although highly depends on wich moves you like.

    The real advice I wanne give you is. Dont ever give up the defencive ability. D: I play with k&m an needed to train it a lot but its worth it
  • Thank you very much for your feedback !
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