Dungeon idea

Alright I was thinking of a cool idea for the game.
It's a dungeon that could be made, so this is how it would work so it would be somewhere in the essence mine that's where it would be found so you enter the dungeon and of course it's kind of claiming a tower in a way but of course you will be going down and of course it would be a small map for each stage of the dungeon and your aim is to reach the top, the loot would be in chest and they are randomised and so is the map, and the higher you are in the dungeon the lower the strength of the loot you gain and when you get lower the better loot you will get.
Of course there is a catch to this if you die you start at the bottom so it would be a great challenge and if you need to leave due to some reason your dungeon placement will be saved but only then, it also helps both parties one being the starters and veterans, for starters the can get the lower loot more but it's useful for them and it helps the veterans since they would get to the higher levels and get the loot they need.
Thank you for reading this and I hope this might happen because it sounds really cool once again thank you for reading.


  • Hey CyberFlare,

    Thanks for your idea about Dungeon. We already heard similar propositions from our players, but it is always lovely to get well-described ideas for the game. Though we can't promise the implementation of this idea in the game we are grateful for the time you've spent sharing your thought with us.

    Thank you for support and your desire to make the game even better!
  • i quite like that idea. i hope it or something similar gets added
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