Alternate Direction for Defensive Abilities.

I would like to present a different idea for defensive abilities.

1) Remove active defense abilities (Absorb, Parry, Dodge etc)

2) Reapply these effects elsewhere, but only specific styles get them.

2.A) Apply the Absorb affects of Kahlt to charged attacks, not only ignoring a hit, but having the chance to gain health back, only Kahlt would get this benefit.

Create more Parry moves and make the parry window on them more severe for Forsaken users, Having at least one parry move per stance.

Windfall users would apply the speed penalty and stamina regen of their dodge to all strafe, duck and jump moves.

(Not sure how this idea would work for stagger.)

Each style would need a number of moves added that use these effects so that no style has more options than the other.

3) My reasoning behind this is simple, right now a player can learn all the moves of any other style, caps within stats make over investment in any one area not have much meaning, two players with no gear can have all the moves and the only difference between them is their defensive ability.

But what if rather than a defensive ability, each style had a specific set of sub mechanics that it enhances? With similar effects to the defensive abilities we have now.

A windfall user who uses a strafe, dodge, jump attacks that slow down an opponent and regen stamina would require a very differant mindset to fight.

A Forsaken user with several parry moves in their deck would be someone you'd need top be very careful with.

A Kahlt user could use charged attacks to turn the tide of a fight at a crucial moment.

4) I believe this idea would actually make choosing one's style a more impactful choice, the main reason why is that although all styles move set could share sub mechanics of evade, parry and charged attacks, learning moves from another style that share the sub mechanic that your style enhances, brings all kinds of creative possibilities.


  • Hi Araziel333,

    You have an interesting alternative vision of defensive abilities, styles peculiarities and game mechanics. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm forwarding your idea to the Team, though I can't promise that the whole concept or its part will be implemented in the game. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to hear your thoughts as they help to make the game better!
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