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I want to suggest that we can coop the boss fights. Coop on the minibosses and the regular mobs is pretty lackluster once you really figure out the game, but allowing players to fight the bosses together could allow some extra replayability and fun. I would even suggest scaling up the health on the bosses for these fights and even the damage so it correlates with the combined players combat level.

Another related suggestion:
Perhaps adding even more and harder npcs to all the areas could breath even more life into the pve aspect as well. I am all for a 2v4/3v6 fight were both me and a friends would have to fight a 2v1 respectively.

Lastly I wanted to introduce the idea that perhaps this could be specific for private lobby situations were your inviting to your game for PVE.

Note: I truly believe that these things will promote more skill and less spam also. I feel that the playstyles are honed in the pve; because it's so easy, people naturally gravitate towards the cheesy and greasy. Harder PvE will increase the quality of the PvP. If the npc are so hard that your forced to learn your style I think this will only help. Right now I think the intensity between Pve and PVP is an issue when it comes to player growth. You run through the pve to get ran through in the pvp. And most of the time you don't know why. Lag? combat deck? poor moves? bad chains? weak attacks?


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    Id like additional npc spawns near absolver premades (coop groups), faster npc's and npc's that can run and run-attack and react on players that just want to run through the crowd.

    Npc's should be a real barricade simular to solo players as for teams that are either way hard to encounter and that need to be fought.
    I know it will be annoying when you just want to get past them but it would although make pve so much more interesting.
    Not some dumb dudes that u can easily out run but ex members of a society full of martial artist that beat the crap out of everyone that dares to go easy on them.

    And id love to have items that can only be dropped by bosses when you fight them with 2friends because they get into an extra firm than.
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    Hi there, tatsujay!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions with us! Cooperative boss fights and a general ramp up in npc difficulty sound like really fun ideas. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee your ideas will be used, but we do truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions and we hope you will continue to share them with us in the future.
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