whirlwind double punch

sclp's please take a look at the whirlwind double punch hit advantage on guard.
I noticed that players can hit moves with 10-11 start up before a fast elbow (9start up) after they used whirlwind double punch on my block.

I tryed it out with a friend and he could land every jab before the fast elbow wich means the whirlwind double punch hit advantage on guard is actually above 0
it could be caused by laggs ofc but we both have 30ms and less so its very unlikely.


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    Interesting : o

    this attack is already under high scrutiny from the community it definetly does not help its cause when people find extra undocumented advantages xD
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    THDante can you try it out too? Im not completely sure if i just suck at countering with fast elbow.

    What i tryed: hitting fast elbow in between the opponents whirlwind to jab move
  • how can i see absolver server ping?
  • I actually dont know i only get my ping to the google server
  • Weve tryed it out again and WWDP seems to have 0 hitstun on guard instead of -2 but this time we tryed it in several different ways so im sure about that.
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    I've chekd real quick to methamos and definetly something odd going on i've even tried to react to it after a tap guard to lessen the animation lock and idk, somethings off needs a more in depth analysis

  • ok thanks :smile:
  • Hey methamos, THDante,

    Thank you for stressing our attention on the possible issue with the whirlwind double punch. I'm passing along this info to the Team for in-depth analysis. Any additional info is always welcomed!
  • Thank you guys for analysing it :)
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