3 NON meta and fun Decks

These are all my decks i made for fun But that are also reliable in the right hands. While making them my two top priorities were it being fun for me and for the person fighting against it while keeping functionality.

they all rely moderately to highly on feints, tap blocking, style ability usage, and manual stance changes.

(and purposely not gold linking when needed. (kalhts)

1. i called "swimming backstrokes" as i often feel like im swiming on my back xD

2. i call "Thai-kwondo" since its prety much a muai thai and taekwondo mix up : P

3rd and my favorite i call "Russian kazotsky" since cycling the alternatives makes me think of that kicking russian dance.

i invite anyone to try them learn the gold link pattern and different possible cycles.
and if you have any question reguarding anything that conserns these 3 decks il be happy to clear up any confusion.

though be warned there is no ease of cheese in my book so you could say these decks are "advanced". :)
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