Crazy idea

This happened when I was cooping but it was really cool
Me and some new play were just going around the bird keepers outlook farming and fighting and at one point it spawned like 6 enemies and the game slowed down but not laggy, got me thinking what if a zen mode combo breaker is added like for windfall successfully dodge 3-4 strikes in a row it actives this zen mode for like however long where npc opponents attacks are slowed down and you get maybe something like speed buff if your wind fall you deal extra damage forsaken and maybe like an absolute defense for Kalth ( might be op) and same for forsaken parry 3-4 in a row it activates and Kalth successfully just absorb the shock of 3-4 and so on
I hope this game goes far I love it keep up the beautiful geniusness sloclap


  • Hi y0shimitsunokai,

    Thanks for your idea about "zen mode". We appreciate that you are sharing your thoughts about possible game extensions. Though we can't guarantee implementation of your idea, it is important for us to get your suggestions and feedback!
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