Metha half meta

Now that ive given my thoughts to some other builds id like to give you the opportunity to criticise mine.
Or just give me tipps to what you would change or what you like from this deck.

Its a consensus between my favourite moves and the most effective way to use them:
my favourite:
Front Kick
Spinning Heel Kick
Handstand Kick
Streched out Hook
Curled Up Uppercut
Jumped out Elbow
Axe Kick

Not in the deck:
Spiral Palm (havent found an effective way to use it yet :disappointed: )
Jap Punch, Mawashi, Low Kick, Falcon Punch


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    Heya Metha, I took out your deck for a spin and I really liked the flow of it. I'm so used to a completely different style that it took some getting used to, but I like how things flow toward the Top Right stance. Seemed pretty effective to me. I also really liked using Axe Kick in that position after Jump Out Elbow. Fits nicely.
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    thanks that you tryed it out :smiley:
    in the mean time i changed the bottom left combo a bit x)
  • Haha, right. I kept changing things up but now that I've made a school, I'm gonna try to stick with it and learn my deck through and through.
  • In 2 weeks we can change schooldecks dynamically^^
  • Yeah I am banking on that
  • have you added any changes since 1.16 ?
  • alot of xD and even a bit before
  • Looks very nice
    Gonna try it out asap ;D
  • cool :smiley: pls tell me how it works out for you
  • I had some difficulties with it, especially with slow attacks. Your deck has a really good flow and a variety of heavy hits, i learned a lot and changed my deck a bit
    It was my first time using Parry & Strike and I love it !!
  • y i like parry and strike alot :smiley:
    im trying out a more diffecult version of my deck now with parry to both sides and handstandkick to counter khalt a little bit better. as soon as i am sure that one works properly ill post it here ^^
  • i'm gonna post my build with explanations asap !

    Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think.

  • im not 100% sure about the spiral palm but the rest worked out pretty nice
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    Although very cool tenzo. I like mawashi into uramawashi and direct punch into hook. Guard breaking starter for both sides is always good to have. I would put in a bit more counter attacks like a jumping kicks but thats just my taste
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