Guessing game.

If anyone can guess whats happening here you are a real absolver master analyst! Il reveal the answer after a while.


  • looks like a stagger dude knocking back with his sprinting attack, a guy that is about to make a side kick while you cast an explosion that'll knock the poor boy down the cliff.
  • Nice guess.

    but no on all accounts.

    try again. :)

    P.S if the devs wana try and guess to that'd be fun. Dont be shy guys.
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    SO yea im just gona go and reveal the answer. I dont know why i tried to make a little game on a forum that has barely 1 new post a day. Wishfull thinking i guess.


    My gf runs in and tried to sprint hit the guy with the forest mask, but i though he was gona hit me as i didnt know my gf was coming, so i parried and it parried her making her freeze in the air like that. The other guy didnt expect that id stop my own team mate and was getting ready to absorb (kahlt).
    The sucessfull parry on my gf gave me a tension shard and when you get a shard back it glowes like in the image.

    so yea other guy about to absorb, GF in parry stun, Me regaining a shard, but considering my position it looks like im about to go dragonballz mode. :P

    thanks for participating Methamos, makes me feel like less of an idiot and saves me from looking like im talking to myself xD
  • "Hadouken!" is coming =)

  • hehe its cool man. Going through footage of playing the game I found some good images that I've yet to make screenshots of. There are some good looking "spell" like captures. Especially the guard breaking frame.
  • If you spam the dodges and move straight it looks like a streaming shadowing clone of yourself flowing behind you
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