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i think it is a matter of fact that keyboard and mouse is superior to a gamepad, because your attack buttons are pressed by your mouse hand and your stance change buttons are on your keyboard hand. This means that you can change stances and attack without the physical lag of your right-hand thumb performing a joystick action and then having to move to a different button, not to mention having to hold down with timing a key-modifier (right trigger)

also, in testing a chain of primary attacks, it seems impossible to change stances mid-chain on a gamepad. on k&m you can switch stances mid-chain by pressing one of the four keys. on gamepad that is tied to your defensive move and it doesn't seem to work.

in other words, it seems like k&m players have the advantage
my 2c


  • Except its totally fucked up to use your defensive ability because the mouse doesnt react as fast as the controller and if you have made the options for really fast def. Ability than every little impact on your mouse will instantly trigger it. Although moving the mouse back to its standart position will cause another unwanted ability wich is annoying af. Sure you can lift your mouse but if its sensitivity is high enough to use your def.ability properly , it will most likely trigger another unwanted one.

    If k&m could use keys for the def.ability it may be superior but not now.

    Ive tryed both btw.
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