Does anyone have these gloves?

i've been playing since day 1 and just saw these on the wiki "tear trapper gloves"

i find it weird that in all this time i never got them once, I also don't seem to recall seeing them on anyone.


  • Hi
    I just took a look at my inventory.
    I do have some Tear trapper gloves.
    I have also been around since day 1, I am not sure when or how I acquired them.
    While they are called Tear Trapper Gloves, they are not the same model as in your graphic, I would argue the gloves pictured above have a better look to them than what I am seeing in-game.

    Unfortunately, I am on PS4, and as a result cannot upload a screenshot.
  • xD i am looking for those too i thought they might be very rare
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    You're right Quixote, i just knew i never had them because of the look but i didnt check my inventory for the name.

    so what are they supposed to be then are they not in the game at all maybe?
    i hope they are cause they look really cool.

    P.s I'm on ps4 to just buy a cheap USB stick and plug it in your console.
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