Which moves irritates you the most and why ?

I'm personally curious, and im sure it will help the devs know what to avoid when creating new moves. :)

Personally my top three would be

Surging Palm
Roll back fist
whirlwind double punch

For being over used.


  • I think its irritating that charges moves block all heavy attacks without knockback (except for guard break ofc). It doesnt make sense to tank a spinning heel kick to the face. There should be a cap like 130-140damage
    depending on your own vitality
  • Depending on the vitality of the one that does the charged move*
  • Nice thread :)

    Whirlwind double punch
    Grab and punch
    Double fist stretch
    Twist back kick
    Drunken paw
    Handstand kick
    Spiral back punch
    Donkey slap

    Basically, most stagger moves, because they can be used as get out of jail free cards from most other techniques, because most have avoids, or are double hits. The stagger move-set is also faster, more unpredictable, and stronger then the other styles, which has basically made these moves the only ones you run into. The joke I made along time ago was that I feel more like a bouncer than an Absolver when in CT's, and it's still the same.

    Mechanically (as far as real life mechanics), these moves should be the weakest. An uppercut, with both feet on the ground (a strong base of power), should hit harder then every one of these moves, but it doesn't. The stats of the moves are tilted too far toward fantasy because stagger moves hit so hard. I don't think their speed or animations are an issue, just their power -- you can't get much power from standing on one hand and kicking your feet around haphazardly, or twisting backward and tapping people with your hands, or spinning around on the ground and slapping someone with the back of your palms.

    I think a rebalance of power for stagger moves would increase the variety of decks, and people wouldn't rely on them so much if they were used as what they should be -- an unpredictable form of interruption that led into real moves.
  • As an aside, maybe these moves should get stronger the drunker the person gets? Add in a gourd of whiskey someone can carry around? :)
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    thanks, and i feel you man.

    The "avoid thrust and vertical attacks" moves are the absolute worst thing in this game. Its rather sad that a game with near 154 attacks (counting swords), feels like a game with 20 attacks... featuring every double hit moves and moves that avoid.

    having said that the game is still amazing so it would just be even greater if they adress this severely.
    I was looking on google for others threads aside from on this website relating to this subject and one guy pretty much had this to say. which i somewhat agree with.

    "It sucks honestly. It seems to me that almost every of my opponent just switches to the most viable techniques. The main reason I don't want to follow that trend is because how stupid it actually looks. Damn, I want good fights that look cool, not just two weirdos jumping, rolling and sneaking around doing those strange snake-like pokes or rotating strikes. My enemies can mimic crazy pigeons with that style really, screeching is the only thing missing from that hilarious view of people dancing around with their hands and legs randomly striking the air. It simply looks awful."

    If i was a dev it would feel like a slap in the face to me that half the moves i worked hard on making are not being used, and to top it off that most people don't even bother to use thier class abilities much since in most cases these moves work better.

    For the being drunk part lets leave that to virtua fighter haha, in absolver i think it would just favor running away.


    Although i agree its not natural for anyone to move through a spinning heel kick to the face as if it was nothing (eventhough damage still applies) charge moves have alot going againts them.

    double hit attacks, stopping attacks, breakers, gold-linked hits, earthquake, avoid thrust and vertical attacks, ducking attacks. (ducking attacks dont work on "furious uppercut" unless they double hit also)

    having said that i respect your opinion. if many people share it and they end up removing them entirely or retouching them, The game will remain great regardless.
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    That's how I felt most of the time when I was learning. I'm wondering if stagger style is supposed to be OP because it is the last one you learn, so the other moves are a stepping stone to stagger. I think for most people, this is fine -- the moves look cool to people that have a fantasy view of martial arts. I think if the game was just realistic moves it might scare some people away. That said, there are people (like me) that refuse to use these moves on the grounds that they wouldn't work in reality.

    For an example of how this changes the game, here's one move, the "Double Fist Stretch." In the animation, my character is leaning back 90 degrees, all of the weight is on the heels, and I'm hitting with loose fists. In reality, the impact would go into the spine of the character, and this would probably end up in a back injury, if it connected at all. However, this move clocks in at 106 damage for me, more than an uramawashi, which is 93.6 damage. The uramawashi is a powerful, rooted kick with realistic momentum. However, not only is the double fist stretch stronger than the uramawashi, it's faster. Not to mention, a double hit. So, a competitive gamer will choose the double fist stretch, and that forces someone who wants a realistic deck to be at a deck disadvantage, because there's no realistic equivalent.

    Another example is the "Backfall Strike." Same deal as the double fist stretch, leaning back and tapping someone with open hands. A double hit that clocks in at 86.5 damage, and is a hair slower than the fast elbow, the quickest high move in the game.

    At the beginning, when people were learning their decks, I had matches with boxers, TKD decks, muay thai decks, and karate decks. The game has evolved toward the stagger meta because the stats for these moves are so stacked in they're favor, even though their easier to pull off, hit horizontally (so can't be sidestepped by windfall), most are double hits, are insanely fast, and stronger than any equivalent move. This has cut down a lot on deck variety, and you're basically fighting the 10,000 clones of Jackie Chan most of the time.

    TL;DR: What I would like to see is moves from forsaken, windfall, stagger, and khalt that have equivalent stats, so that if someone doesn't want to choose stagger, there's a balanced alternative move that's competitive with the stagger move.
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    I completely agree either buff other moves of nerf these ones. I miss the time when we got to fight against boxing decks and muai thai decks etc..

    now all i get is people like this guy.

    He was on heal, did 3 surging palms in a row, whirlwind double punch, roll back fist, stagger dodge, fast ducking sweep. lol

    P.s I dont use any lame moves either, for being to versatile and overused i dont want to contribute to the problem. the only 1 "lame" move i use is grab punch.
  • ROFL. Yeap -- that kind of cheese deck or the equivalent is the majority. What I would like is a good fast knee to the teeth to interrupt that WWDP (liver knee?). Or, a fast mid level kick to the side of the head -- anything other than jlk, which shouldn't be the easiest answer. This seems to be getting better, as I am able to interrupt the WWDP sometimes with a regular uppercut (at the right distance), or the crushing palm. It looks the speed of crushing palm might be getting nerfed, so that option might be taken away.

    Grab punch isn't too bad. At least the momentum is going forward in the right direction.
  • I think stagger moves should remain viable but i agree that there shouldnt be moves that are overused cause they are just to good to leave them out. thats why i although made a topic to it some weeks ago.
    But the new patch i played at the weekend is another step in the right direction. Still i think double hit moves should drain alot less stamina because they have to many upsides against everything except for blocking. And i would add a damage multiplier when getting hit while making an avoid move. It would just make sense because regarding to real fights "dodging" Into an attack makes you a lot more vulnerable to it.
  • methamos said:

    And i would add a damage multiplier when getting hit while making an avoid move. It would just make sense because regarding to real fights "dodging" Into an attack makes you a lot more vulnerable to it.

    That's a great idea -- an impact is stronger with more follow through (proper distance) then a clipping attack, and walking into something definitely multiplies the force. Interesting idea!
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    Agreed. with nerfing most double hits and stagger moves or buffing others,.. Avoid moves should have a higher risk at least. they could call it "vulnerable state" where idk your character flashes purple similar to absorb while the avoid part is active. Indicating that the damage multiplier is in effect.

    honestly id be fine if it was just on "avoid thrust and vertical hits" most jumping moves are quite fair. ducking moves arent so bad either assuming they arent double hits also.
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