Hitstun from feints

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Noticed that when fighting someone laggy, often times my character will freeze up as if they are about to block an incoming attack when an enemy does an attack within range. Regardless of whether or not they actually hit, my stance will lock even when there is no impact. This issue occurs only while blocking, and I assume it has to do with how your character freezes in place and locks stance to block attacks. However, this should not occur before an attack actually lands as it makes changing stances under pressure to counter with an attack really janky. Overly favouring the attacker if they are host.

On the other side of this, I noticed that when I'm host and actively pressuring, my opponent can't respond even if their attack is faster. Despite me not actively hitting their guard to cause enough hitstun to give me advantage.

In short, the animation that plays before an attack lands is drastically effected by latency, and can lead to advantage on feint that shouldn't exist.


  • Hi Velindian,

    We're sorry to hear you may have run into some technical issues and apologize for any frustration they've caused. We'll go ahead and pass your report along for further investigation. In the meantime, if you have any further details you believe may be relevant in addressing this issue please do not hesitate to share them here.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, we truly appreciate your support.
  • I would just like to add that this is one of the reasons the imperial march combo and its variants are so powerful. The blockstun caused by feints makes jabs unable to be Parried/Absorbed/Evaded afterwards, even though the combined feint frames and startup make the attacks come after the startup of a Parry/Absorb/Evade. When an imperial march has alternate attack choices such as JLK or Direct Punch, this makes responding nigh impossible if you can't switch stances to use a counter attack, or jab out of guard to catch either high hitstun attack.

    From further testing, the amount of time the character remains locked in place (leaving them unable to defensive, start an attack, or switch stances for a few frames) doesn't seem to vary by actual hitstun, but moves with more forward movement cause this ghost blockstun for longer periods of time (Jumped Out Elbow, Front Kick, and Front Tripped Kick [to name a few]). Higher ping between players, Not being host, and Rapid feinting also exaggerate this "ghost blockstun".

    Regardless of what moves attempted, not blocking still prevents this from occuring. However this is not a viable counter strategy as the person alternating attacks can easily jab for damage and hitstun out of a feint.
  • Hi Velindian,

    Thank you for additional details, your information is really helpful. I'm forwarding it to the Team. Thanks for taking time to write us about the issues you've faced.
  • THDante said:

    Visual reference.

    You can also see that it happens when the follow-up attack occurs at the end of the gif.
  • Hi!

    Thanks for the visual reference, THDante. Thank you for your notice, Velindian.
  • Is there any possibility this issue will be fixed by the upcoming update?
  • Still not fixed in update 1.16. This issue is making guard breaks way too safe to use when combined with fast jabs by locking up the inputs of the player blocking before they actually hit.
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