How is adal?

So my psn is down...
How are the fights?
New update huh?
Thats cool, miss yall...
I said i wouldnt get like this.....
I promised myself i wouldnt write this...
I couldnt resist, i just needed to talk...
..i love you


  • We feel you :neutral:
  • Noooo we gotta get u some PSN ASAP !
  • Haha right, if i worked more hours i couldve had it on this month but i hardly had enough to pay my bills as usual lmao
    Ill be back, i played a bit the other say and just sorta messed with my sword deck cause after 300+ hours i feel like i could have a way more efficient sword deck than the one ive used for so long.
    When other people seem to absolutely dominate me with thier sword decks,
    Aside from that though ive been away from adal and miss running into people in the open world, pve content would be amazing in this sense cause it wouldnt be nearly as boring to play offline.
    Mpc's are so predictable sometimes i wanna just stop playing cause i need more of a challange :(
  • I like war gloves a lil bit better but a good sword deck can get overwhelming specially if the person throws the right punches & kicks in the mix but I straight murder alot of people swords even the good people I have had a couple comeback cause somebody thought it was okay to pull a sword on me lmaooo
  • Yea i find more success against swords by just beating the crap out of them till they drop it, if i dont pick it up i dare them to just so i can pummel them again lol that blade is no use sir i am an o.g.
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