Third Character Deleted

I have just went through a third character being deleted after a hardcrash from this game. First two characters had 20+ hours in, this one around 9-10. The game crashes to a hard reset, and I load the game back up to find "New Game" as my only menu option.

This is really frustrating me, because it makes this game unplayable. And hours and hours of progress gone in a single crash.

This is the only game I have any problems with. I have re-downloaded and reinstalled the game all three times it has happened. I looked online to find out i'm not he only one with this issue.

All I want is for this crash/delete thing to get looked into in a future patch. I won't make another character when I know this will happen again.

Thanks for reading.


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    We're so sorry to hear you've been experiencing trouble with your save files. We are aware of these issues and are currently working on fixing the crashes causing them.

    In the meantime, If you are playing on PS4 we advise you to activate the Saved Data in Online Storage on your PlayStation 4. Instructions on how to do so can be found at the link below.

    We also ask that you send an email to either or, depending on your chosen platform, for further assistance. Please be sure to include a brief description of what was happening in-game when the issue occurred.

    Thank you so much for your patience, We look forward to assisting you soon.
  • Wow a very swift and thorough response! I already feel better. I am playing on PC, and I just activated Cloud Saving. Maybe if the save isn't localized, the crashes won't ruin the save file?

    Anyway, I've already started the game again with renewed hope. If the error occurs again, I'll send a detailed explanation of what occurred to the provided email

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