reporting salt sorcerer for BM and obnoxious gameplay

I understand the emote system is put in place for a bit of taunting but when that's all you do even outside of a match it becomes bothersome.. This guy has followed me completely around the game world using the laugh emote when in a match if i manage to get the upperhand he will run from combat and not engage forcing me to either chase him around or wait him out or leave the game.. people like this are cancer and it makes playing the game a pain in the ass. we need an ignore feature so that we never have to play people like this ever


  • Maybe there should be some system thats rewards being friendly :smiley: like in league of legends. Even though i think absolver players are pretty friendly in general... at least thats my experience
  • Hello R3kk3N,

    Thank you for letting us know about such "interaction" with another player. We are sorry to hear that you had such unpleasant game experience. We are also grateful for your suggestion about an ignoring feature. I'll send this case for review and discussion.
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