Added features and lore

Hey everyone I a long pre release follower of absolver waiting so long for the Xbox release that I just ended up buying a ps4 and getting it and I absolutely love the game these are just a few things I think would be an amazing addition to the already beautiful piece of work
Fleshing out the marked ones characters
-who were they why must they be hunted by the absolvers are they a real threat or just a trial
The world of raslan who where certain powers in the raslan and Adalian worlds
Who were the fang li nobles who were the hunters the forest dwellers who used what style o fighting which styles came before others did certain styles originate from others was a certain style a secret or coveted because of certain powers that came along with them all this I would love to see added this a a wonderful game with a promising commmunity lets get a wiki going this game is going to be big I know it


  • Hey y0shimitsunokai,

    You've given some pretty cool ideas, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Thanks again!
  • " I just ended up buying a ps4 and getting it "

    best thing i've read today. thumbs up.
  • Yea. That does sound pretty intetesting. The secrecy behind the styles is intriguing.
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