Trying to progress

I've been playing Absolver's for about 3 weeks I feel like I've been progressing pretty fast but I there's so much more I need to learn. I'm just tired of losing to spam/cheese I'm open to any advice / suggestions I wanna learn pleaas teach me.


  • Even though im just 150 hours ahead i think i got through the theory of absolver fight. If you want me to teach you the basic's and/or some special moves like calbot, than send me a friend request in steam. (same name :wink: )
  • i prefer turtle tactics against spammers. light attacks dont break you. then you wait for slow attack and counter it. Or use attacks with avoid. Or use khalt.
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    I agree with Shoegazer. The thing about spammers is that they don't vary their moves much. Wait until you know the pattern of their attacks and then counter appropriately. You'll get a lot of spammers who go for a quick two jabs and then dash away, rinse, repeat. If you're smart enough with your evading/blocking, they're never going to do enough to be a real threat. Make sure you have a few moves with good range and tracking and you'll be putting spammers away in quick fashion.
  • I've actually been getting better guys I've slowed down my aggressiveness so I can defend & counter my opponent I've been spotting way more openings I just gotta capitalize better I let people beat me with the tiniest bit of health & spending on how good the player is they use that to slip away & cause distance but besides that I'm putting up some good fights :)
  • Ehh turtle tactics tend to bore me personally but this game can provide all sorts of tactical approaches.
    Keep distance in mind, many spammers use moves that only out stretch their arms,
    Spammers also use direct moves often which can easily be shaken off withh either parry, evade, or even common dash.
    I tend to use alot more broad horizontal moves for several reasons: for the most part these moves are more powerful in general,
    The distance is greater than most fast starters,
    And Evasive moves to the left or right are more likely to be hit.
    In some cases even low and high evasive moves can be hit as well.
    Defense is good and even if you dont lose much stamina from spam you can from stronger attacks so never build around spammers alone cause you wont always be fighting spam ya know?
    Your starting move in each position being another strategic atvantage most people dont consider in absolver.
    Take into account which moves can be starters in each position and depending on your play style, give yourself a leg up before the fight ever began.
    Control the waves, and be like water.
    Fold well my friend.
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