Spread the word!

If you love this game then spread the word, get more people playing. The more people that play, the more potential die hard fans like ourselves will be in adal, can you imagine loading up a 3v3 match and not waiting 30 minuets for a full match?
Can you imagine playing for hours on end without once seeing anyone below lvl 60? I can and it looks fantastic!
Lets get the word out, absolver is a solid title and deserves recognition.
Fold well my friends.


  • Can you imagine having enough sold versions so the Sloclap-team can actually work full time on absolver?
    More content :smiley:
    The problem is, i dont even get why this game is so unpopular. It is small but thats it. Absolver works pretty well has an awesome artstyle and the best combat system of all time in my opinion. So how can i convince somebody to try out absolver that shits on all the good reasons to play it?
  • Post you're fights on social media I post mine all over facebook twitter & instagram I get a lot of people that ask me "what game is that" we just gotta keep streaming & posting the game people will eventually come along :)
  • Good job dude keep it up :smiley:
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