State of the 1.14 patch

everything that was done was a step in the right direction. windfall being fixed excellent revert kahlt even better.. goldlink timings thank you

the issues that still linger.. forsaken too strong still.. turtle tactics are very real and without a deck loaded with guard breakers a person can seriously just block thru most of your deck this doesnt make any sense and discourages direct combat.. also default dodges are problematic as well.. im not saying make it to where someone must get hit.. but this level of blocking and dodging is kinda silly unrealistic and unfun. double moves should be reverted back to pre 1.13 the damage is crazy and people are prone to taking them since 1,13 kahlt

other than the above mentioned all is well and look forward to the next balance pass


  • also lag is a big issue post patch
  • Regarding Forsaken, I think I have been able to adjust to being parried. Yes, when it happens they are guaranteed damage, so I proceed to mix em up. Everything with the 1.14 patch is great. I would add that stance change is still occurring on block sometimes.
  • The lag is God awful, makes pvp pointless
  • Are u on PS4 or PC Lukin? Regardless, I suggest acquiring a pool of strong competitors and utilizing the private 1v1 ranked system. It GREATLY improves my quality matches against people. Also, I take interim breaks by logging out and then back into the game. I've discovered that over the course of continual play, the game becomes progressively more unstable. By doing refreshes, it seems to reset and refresh the system. This was an effective tactic I used back in the day on DCUO.
  • I'm on ps4, StabbyMcBleeder is my PS ID. Interesting, I'll try that for sure, the logging and relogging. Although I'm not sure what you're talking about with the private 1v1 system. Not familiar with it I guess. I just fight pubs.
  • I've actually fought u before. I remember the name. Add Rip-Ridah and we can have some ranked private 1v1 matches.
  • Will do man that sounds good
  • Thanks for your feedback guys! We are glad that you see improvements, but still has pieces of advice how to make the game better.
    We are sorry to hear that you've experienced some lags, we're working diligently to check and fix that. Thank you for your patience.
  • There should be a stamina penalty of some sort, maybe on a graduated scale, to punish button spammers
  • Some sorta anti spam would be nice, i use slower stronger attacks and sometimes i cant even throw my starter cause i got hit three times during my initial button input.
    Ps4 feels great right now truthfully, the lag has kinda always been there so its whatever to me, hakuna matata. Mainly when people enter the same area in pve and its random during pvp.
    I cant wait to see whats next!
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