Beating Kahlt users


Kahlt is the one I have the most trouble with just because of the class skill.


  • Yes I agree. Khalt users are very tough with the right skills. The devs are trying to balance everything. I am just patiently waiting for them to get Windfall in proper order.
  • I've been coming up against a lot of good Kahlt users recently, and I've adjusted my deck to include a few more guard breaks - it's the only thing I can think of to counter them. I've also tried mixing up the guard breaks to throw them off. A guard break as the second move in a three-move combo can be enough to unsettle an opponent, and maybe one as an alternative so you can pull it out as a first move when appropriate. You still need to be super careful about how and when you use your guard breaks though, they're so easy to punish if you get it wrong. A Kahlt user with skills a tough adversary but not unbeatable, even after 1.13.
  • Ive been on this subject since the beginning lol
    When i cant land a single strike in my whole 12 hit combo on the mpc angrel,
    Something is broken.
    Granted players dont always absorb accurately but even still,
    Its possibly the most annoying troll ive ever been a part of lol
    Even more so than calbot haha
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