Calbot Is very rare

Calbot is a nearly impossible move to get so I have been going around the pc plane teaching everyone I meet calbot so they can be 2 steps closer to getting all the achivements


  • Very nice of you. I fought some people with Calbot and tryed to show them that i wanne learn it but i still need 2/3 of it. So if you could teach the technique to me i'd be gratefull. :smile: my steam name and picture are the same as here.
  • Also I have it in my school deck I made
  • Ive seen him once. A prospect killed him while i was farming him...
    Haven't seen him since; nor fought anyone on ps4 and made progress lol
    Ill learn it some day.
  • I don't own a ps4 but cant you just go for a walk around the world and then check their achievement lists to see if they have calbot and if they do message them if they can teach you the move if they are free
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