I need an indepth guide to contacting Support

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I have already mailed support_pc@sloclap.com about 2-3 months ago about my savefile and have yet to get a reply from them. A much appreciated step by step to contacting Support about my game related issues would be greatly appreciated.

My problem: UE4 STILL has been randomly crashing, albeit much less now than it was before. FPS Locks and FPS Throttling during a fight affects PvP greatly, the only way to temporary fix this is by toggling VSync in settings but the that can lead to overclocking my GPU. My savefile, regarding my main Character, appears to be suffering slightly longer hitstun timer (i.e - longer recovery from from excessively fast attacks) and slightly longer signal receiving for attacks to start. I am quite positive that my equipment (PC, Keyboard, Mouse, and Internet) are perfectly fine as I play other online games frequently and believe that there is something wrong with either my savefile or the UE4 that requires support. I have reinstalled the game 3 times, rebooted my software entirely, and updated my genuine copy of Windows 10. These problems are still occurring.


  • Hey Exxe,

    We truly apologize for the delay and any frustration it may have caused. The dev team does receive and review all emails, unfortunately, there are quite a lot of emails coming in which can lead to delays.

    Can you direct message me (this account) with your preferred contact email address so I can forward it to our devs for further investigation?

    Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay and truly appreciate your patience.
  • Same here u have not responded to my mail either
  • Same here u have not responded to my mail either

    I'm sorry to hear that, Halahala54321.

    Delays can happen, but the team should get back to all received emails as soon as they can. We appreciate your patience and apologize for keeping you waiting. Hope that won't take extremely long.
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