Gold linking is terrible

Goldlinking is the most broken mechanic in this entire game, and if you say that it's not then you are lying. When you can wear the heaviest armor in the game and move like you aren't wearing anything at all. On top of that hitting your opponent so fast that they can't actually respond with a attack.

This is broken and not only broken but a cheap tactic of winning, which is only supported and encouraged by the toxic YouTube community and players on these forums who want to keep abusing cheap tactics to win.

And no I am not some noob to the game, I have been playing since Day 1 and can without a doubt say the game has gotten worse overtime.
And this mechanic only adds to the toxic behavior that is ruining what started as a fun game to play.


  • I never gold link more than a few moves and I don't lose to pure gold link spammers either.

    Use manual dodge, punch em in the back of the head.
  • Getting caught in a gold link chain is frustrating but there's always a way out. Duff is right, and there are plenty of other ways out of a pressure lock. I use shockwave often, but earthquake and gravity also work. Make sure you have some avoid and quick moves in your deck, wait for an opening (there's always an opening), and punish. Absolver needs players, especially non-toxics, stick with it, adapt, evolve, survive.
  • I usually use shockwave, been thinking of creating a kind of Monk build (High tension/ high endurance/ high dexterity).
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    How long have you been playing the game CharmAlor ?

    Gold Linking can simply blocked until you spot a slower a move and use your defensive ability, use a charge move to withstand a hit, side dodge, interrupt with a fast move that has avoid properties.

    There are multiple solutions to your problem, which isn't one per se. You'll see as you progress, Absolver reveals itself with epiphanies.

  • Credits to Ballistafreak on reddit. Sums up a lot of those epiphanies.

  • I have been playing the game since it released. Hence the major disappointment.
  • One would expect you would have found a workaround with so many flight hours. I mean playing since release is one thing, playing religiously and sparring with skilled opponents is an other Are you on PS4 ?

    As I said, gold linking works to a certain point, where you become far too predictable in your timing. If you face someone gold linking a very spammy fast deck, chances are all his moves cost him more stamina than what you lose out of blocking. Wait for right opening and punish.
  • The gold linking itself isn't the issue. The way blocking is implemented causes weird delays and buffers when latency effects hit registration. In addition to that you also have host advantage prioritizing one player's actions over the other. Making Defensives and manual dodge have more lenient timing for the host, and inconsistent timing for the client. In some situations you'll be locked into a certain stance, or an action will buffer mid hitstun even when you did the input prior. Leading to your character starting that action after hitstun instead of whatever input you ment to respond with. Potentially leading to another instance of hitstun and buffering where the same thing happens.
  • I played Absolver about 100hours now and i very rarely lose against a pure fast combo spammer. It may be frustrating at the first hours in pvp but i don't think goldchains ruin anything.
  • I have no prob with gold linking I do have a problem with getting stuck I swear I parry at the right time & I dont even budge I just get clobbered I think charged move spam is the ultimate sin I'm still pretty new so I let it overwhelm me I try to fit through it when I should parry & counter
  • I believe im close to 300ish hours and ive always just figured goldlinking was how this game was played lmao like, if you chain combos without goldlinking you lose more stamina...and its been like that since day one.
    Maybe the issue isnt goldlink but spammers possibly?
    Just a hunch from what you explained,
    Maybe constructing a new deck would be beneficial?
    Im positive you can get around whatever you encounter just like the rest of us, fold well bud.
  • Gold link speed deck aren't the enemy fellas most of em are really chessy but you can find a hole in the combo gotta be patient & you need a few punish moves it's these khalts users who are the enemy lol
  • I just recently started playing I feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage getting paired against high high ranked players with much better gear than the hobo clothes I have I get gold linked 85/90% of the matches I'm in it's infuriating it makes me not want to play this game I'm already on the fence about this now mainly because it takes so GD long to get fragments to buy gear but I don't know I need a good school to join and I need to know a better way to spec my attribute points
  • Just keep grinding I've only been playing for about 4 weeks now & the beginning was rough but now I got mask for days I'm picky on gear but I got some great gear & I get better by the hour if you're PS4 you can join my school I think I have a pretty good deck for beginners
  • No it's cool this is absolves gameplay I have to get used to get you are handed to you continuously by higher ranked players and maybe win a couple until you finally grinded to good gear and moves so you can do the same to some newb circle of life
  • Good gear is nice but it really all boils down to your deck, youll get there man just train with mpcs for most moves and keep level farming off them before doing combat trials cause right now alot of the only pvp players left are either noobs or vets, alot of people get overwhelmed an approach this game all wrong.
    Ive let a few of my friends play and even after explaining multiple times that this isnt a button masher; they still immediately run their stamina into the dirt furiously tapping buttons like they were playing xenoverse or bayonetta.
    I got faith in ya, you got this
  • What style and deck are you using? Perhaps we could help you change a few moves to better combat the gold links.

    The mechanic in itself is fine. But, I too have been recently encountering "gold link" decks of a higher quality.
    These players obviously are taking advantage of the fact that we can see the actual advantage frames and are using moves that mix up speed and stamina usage with well crafted transitions to catch slips and charge moves.

    I find that players that gold link in that way are much harder to beat and to some, may seem impossible to beat, but with specified moves in your deck to combat them can be manageable.
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    Find an opening for your own fast moves and get a haymaker in when they stop using doubles. I love the haymaker so much.
  • Just got this game as PS plus free game, have played for a week and have zero problems with goldlinking. I have put a lot of thought into my combat deck improving it after getting easily beaten by other players and I think the main concept of Absolver is to learn from those that beat you and improve your deck until you're the one that beats them. They even have it as a motto that SPEED is your weapon and if your deck is made so that you can't goldlink at least few hits together then your deck is wrong simply because others will be faster.

    Playing since day 1 doesn't mean anything except maybe that OP is a very slow learner if he still haven't found a way how to deal with people that do fast combos. And yes, I'm one of those "toxic guys" :neutral:
  • I don't mind the speed spam unless the connection is bad (which happens often), then its a spazzy, unparryable nightmare. The only other problem I have is the lack of variety. Some people have advised players to "work on their deck", OK fine, yes, we could all stack our decks with lightening fast sweeps and elbows (which most people do) but then the game becomes boring and repetitive. The real sign of a badass player is somebody who beats you with a GD Falcon Punch or some other statistically shitty move. Winning with a WWDP or a Backsweep is lame
  • Pvp is dead only thing that matters now is pve
  • First of all, i must apologize because my english is bad.
    Blion said:

    Getting caught in a gold link chain is frustrating but there's always a way out. Duff is right, and there are plenty of other ways out of a pressure lock. I use shockwave often, but earthquake and gravity also work. Make sure you have some avoid and quick moves in your deck, wait for an opening (there's always an opening), and punish. Absolver needs players, especially non-toxics, stick with it, adapt, evolve, survive.

    Thats exactly the point of all this. Spammers only know how to spam, sweepers only use AoE attacks. TEACH THEM! Thats what i do and i made a deck specially for that purpose(no quick attacks, all charge, parry/hit, guard break and high dmg/slow attacks) teach them other way and that the quick attack goldlink deck is obsolete. Even laggy players goldlinking are predictable.

    The ones that are at the top worked on their decks after fighting against all those "meta" users and in the end they won. I am a PC player, and bought the game the day of release and after all the PvP i learned that spammers and sweepers are EASY prey.

    Sorry if i offend someone with the "EASY prey" but its true. Fast attacks are all the same so once you know them its a matter of analyze the patterns and done, easy win.

    What i am trying to say is that the player is 90% responsable for the good use of the deck. Every posible deck used by a master is a lethal one.

    P.S: Don't use decks like Oroboro's Taekwondo deck or any other youtuber because every player saw those videos, the decks are too easy to recognize. Too predictable.
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