My whole deck just dissapears

I just created a whole deck 6 or 7 hours ago, then i saved and logged out. After i re-open the game that night, the whole deck is gone, along with the moves i learn during that time i play before i logged out. Now i don't remember all the moves that i put in it and even if i do i still can't build it because some of the moves i put in are newly learnt and now its locked. Please fix it guys, come on. i spent a lot of time creating this deck and actually started winning.


  • Side note, i was level 40 before i logged out, now im level 38. Really absolver? i get you are a small company with little budget and all, but taking away people's hard grinding work is not acceptable in any game.
  • Hello MoonMoon,

    I totally understand your feeling. I'm sorry that you have an issue with your saved progress.

    Would you please email to (if you are on PS4) or (if you are on PC) with a detailed description of what happened. Please include info about your device configuration and OS.

    Please also attach your save files, if possible. For PC you can find them in the folder c:\Users\"your _username"\AppData\Local\Absolver\Saved\SaveGames\

    Thanks for your help and please accept our apologies on this situation.
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