3v3 Bug compilation.

1. When you qeue with a friend half the time one player will get into the loading screen which will go black a couple seconds after, while the other remains at the altar with the searching notification running for ever. Nothing to do but quit the game and restart when this happens.

2. if you respawn on a zone that your team does not control you need to get off of it and back on for it to start noticing your presence.

3. The animation ocasionally gets weird stretch lines.

4. Some times the loading screen is extremely long and when the game finally starts the enemy team is empty and it marks an instant victory.

5. Its possible for the game to go on forever after one team as been declaired the winner. closing the game and restarting is the only option as acess to the menu becomes unavailable.

6. Reviving a player may cause you and the player to be unable to move from the spot where the revive took place but you can still use attacks. When you die and respawn normaly it goes back to normal.

7. Revivng can sometimes bug and still work while being hit if you keep holding the key/button.

8. Worst of them all is players can be lying on the ground while being invisible and still hit you and use shards, when this happens the player is stuck that way for the whole game. If earthquake is used in this state it may bug even more and use the skill on a loop infinitely withouth cost for anyone who goes in range. This usually happens when a player dies while using a shard ability or when a revive gets interupted.

You can still see round shadows of the invisible player bodyparts.

And finally minor bug when inviting a friend to co-op you may see green lines around them.


  • Dear THDante,

    Thank you for collecting all those issues in this post with illustrations and explanations. That really helps. I'm passing along all these data to the dev. team. We appreciate your passion for the game and time for bringing all these things to our attention.
  • My pleasure. hopefully all of these will be fixed in the coming update :)

    (which i hope is soon)
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