Social Functionality on GoG (still) not working

First off, I wanna say thanks for getting the EAC: Kicked glitch fixed for GoG so fast. I realize y'all are a small team, so thanks for getting the game up and running for us (me at least) so fast.

With that said, the "School" and "Friends" functionalities still don't work for me. When I look through my recent players list, I can add any friends or see anyone else's schools. Is that a known issue? Any patch in the works? Or am I doing something wrong?

I'm on GoG, btw.


  • Same here. On GOG. I've been able to view another school exactly twice. At least both times it was a style I didn't already have.
  • Hi,

    We're sorry to hear you're experiencing some trouble with some of the social functions of the game and apologize for any frustration it may have caused. For further assistance, please send an email to and be sure to include any details, screenshots, or video you think may be helpful in addressing this issue.

    Thank you, we truly appreciate your patience and support.
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