Ayy-doh-ru :3

Hey there guys !

My name's Aiidoru (Look at the title for the pronunciation)
and I just started playing the game like 2 days ago!
Well... not quite... I bought it on release and went on to be a bitch and get a refund because there were too many gamebreaking bugs for me to continue playing ;-;

Soo I decided to check it again now that it's on sale and I'm genuinely suprised about much the devs have been working on it (Kudos to you guys :cookie: )
So now that I bought it on sale I wish I could just refund and buy it again at its full price D;

Looking forward to getting some more hours into the game and maybe meet some of you guys, if you got any questions feel free to ask!

See ya out there o/



  • Hey there, do you play on PC? :)
  • Hi Aiidoru. Nice to have you at Absolver.
    If you want to help the developers may ask some friends. I bought the game for 3 friends and my gf and she and 2 of them are playing pretty actively now :smiley:
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