My Kahlt deck

Hi guys :)

I could use some unbiased help with my combat deck, right now it's in a good place, I've taken a very 'less is more' approach to my build, but I feel there is room to improve.

The first two attacks work surprisingly well against windfall users, and moves me around their linear opening attacks and disrupts their stance, but that kick leaves me laughingly open against the forsaken parry, and I haven't been able to find a suitable follow up that lets me keep that string going.

The first alternative attack is what I use to break from my first string stance into the second string.

From here it's two low or high avoidance attacks flowing into charge attacks.

Now you may think I'm crazy for having Grab Punch alone and on it's own on that third string, but I've used it to pretty good effect most times in PVP/E. The reason for this is, I can either start my attack with Grab Punch, or I can use the two fastest Low/High avoidance attacks to flow into it, and Grab Punch naturally flows into my second attack string, OR triggers when my opponent dodges to the right.


  • - have you tried using side kick instead of leg breaker in your first string? its faster and should be harder to parry
    - your second string seems slow, i like to use faster attacks as the first attack in every string but the first 2 strings are especially important so you can absorb and immediately counterattack. attacks with dodge properties are also great, but meialua might be a bit too slow as a first attack, you would have to test if it still works or not.
    - i wouldnt use grab punch as the only attack in your third string. the points you mention are valid and grab punch is a strong attack, which is why its disliked by so many players, but dedicating an entire string to it is too much. it would be just as effective as alternative attack in the same string. you can easily replace upper elbow with it, since upper elbow is very slow and linear so most people can easily dodge to the side.
    -your deck seems like a heavy-hitter deck but using too many slow and strong attacks is too predictable. i would recommend adding at least a few fast/medium attacks every now and then to bring your opponent out of their rythm.

    hope this helps.
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    I look into side kick :)

    I thought that too with Meialua at first but it's kind weird, you'd need to see how it works in game.

    Yes the attack is kinda slow, which is actually why I like to start my combo from Bottom Right.

    But what it does so well is act as a sneaky and deceptively slow low attack after charged haymaker, they dodge the charged attack, I go low as they come in, and then two low attacks hit, I was very surprised by it.

    it may seem a little weird, but if you look at the deck from top to bottom, it's a bit odd, that furious upper actually flows into my 4th string, which is faster after my opponent has just dealt with some slow attacks.

    The rhythm is like this:

    X String 2 > 4 > 3 > 2


    X String 4 > 3 > 2 > 4
  • Change leg breaker to low kick, add murawashi after.
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