This is technically spam

I looked to see if I could put in a private ticket to the staff here but I could not find one so I had a favor to ask If I may? The long story short is that I have a friend who also makes games for a living and me and him have had issues concerning his game on balance,customer support etc. As fellow game makers I was wondering if you guys would be willing to comment on the topics we went over. I will post more if its alright with the forum staff but Technically this is spam. I will not be mentioning any site or even posting a link to any site.

The man is a single developer working alone on the game he is creating. Code,balance etc. I really need help with some your opinions on past actions and current ones. So I am hoping you guys will help a struggling developer with your thoughts on what has happend. More so since you own game has problems much like his own when yours first launched and your thoughts on listening to the players as a whole might have helped you own game?

Sorry I had no idea where else to put this so I hope you guys don't mind and if you guys do I will stop. But he really does need help and he won't listen to anyone.
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