30 / 60 Fps switch in training / deck edit please

Dear devs,

While I do appreciate 60fps in CTs, i seem to have some problems with gold chains. sometimes they register, sometimes they don't, just like double hits. Im pretty used to my timings but for some reason im having a hard time in 60 fps where sometimes inputs just don't seem to register.

If there's no issue in your coding and I am the one being completely off. While I know that technical limitations don't allow for a full 60 fps experience I find it confusing, gameplay wise, to switch from 30 to 60 depending on activity.

Could it be possible then to have the deck edit / training dummy switchable between 30 and 60 fps at will ?

That and read my thread about School revamp ;) I added some ideas



  • Please, no :) No switching back to 30fps for any reason, please. Sorry, op! The game is finally reaching its potential on PS4 with 60fps. That was a great Christmas present from the devs for all PS4 users.
  • Im not asking to switch back to 30fps.

    The only part of the game being 60 fps at the moment is CT, for rendering issue I guess. What I am asking is for the deck editing and training in meditation to have a switch feature to go from 30 to 60.

    Since we constantly need to readapt to timing moves between 30 fps world / 3vs3 and 60 fps CT, it would be great to do so in the deck editing / training instead of doing so in a match... see my point ?
  • I don't even play console...
    But yes, moar framez.
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