New essence, crystals sinks items could add a cool economy to the game, read on...

Why not adding a constant stream of expensive items in terms of essence or crystals that are tied with your school...

I think that with the student system of the school you could add an other system than the simple ranking but a way to earn essences as disciple or mentor based on the popularity of your schools. So a successful school mentor could be paid for his teachings and afford items that reflect its wealth. Why not add items purchasable depending on the number of students you have ? like school colours, uniforms etc...

The school system ought to be upgraded with all the money sinks you can introduce with that new essence shop.



  • That would create some rivalry too ;) thats good for competition...
  • Hey Integr8,

    You've given some pretty cool ideas, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Thanks again!
  • I really think that the school system has more potential than just points and school ranking.

    Asheron's Call had a pretty cool monarchy/allegiance system back in the day ;)
  • And to make it easier for people to get interested in schools have an option when a CT match ends to inspect school or have a way to promote them after your deck showcasing duel :D
  • Oh an another cool idea, there should be a way to monitor people decks popularity on your side (as stats) and replace some ingame NPCs randomly and rarely, eg marked ones, by high CT rank players deck and appearance NPCs, should you defeat them there would be a chance for you to drop a piece of his equipment.

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